Text Detection and Classification

Our OCR analytics boosts document digitization, security, and ad targeting with deep learning technology.

Quick Summary

Utilizing a tailored OCR and analytics solution, the company sculpted a multi- leveled system capable of analyzing documents and media, boosting security, enhancing recommendations, and refining advertising strategies.

The Problem

The company faced difficulties in analyzing and digitizing textual content within various media types, efficiently performing visual searches and recommendations, maintaining surveillance and security integrity, and generating targeted advertising content. Recognizing text within images and videos for application in various domains posed a significant challenge.

The Solution

A custom Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system was implemented to analyze and digitize documents effectively. For enhanced search and recommendation, text within images and videos were analyzed meticulously. A license plate recognition feature was introduced for surveillance and security purposes. The text within images, videos, and documents was analyzed for ad placement, content filtering, and brand safety. An advanced fraud detection component was integrated into their compliance system.

The Outcomes

Post the implementation of these solutions, the company experienced:

  • An efficient document analysis and digitization process, decreasing paperwork
  • Improved image and video captioning, boosting accessibility
  • A reliable visual search and recommendation system enhancing user experience
  • Robust surveillance and security mechanism via license plate recognition
  • Optimized advertisement placement and content, leading to increased brand visibility
  • Augmented fraud detection mechanism, increasing overall security

The Tech Stack

  • Python for building the OCR pipelines.
  • Keras & TensorFlow for training deep learning models.
  • React to build internal web apps.
  • AWS SageMaker & Rekognition for model deployment.
  • Power Bl dashboards for analytics.

Ready to Start?

Potential risks are a given with AI project outcomes. To lessen this risk, our approach calls for only a small, fully refundable deposit. If any significant issues arise, your deposit will be refunded. If the project advances to the Proof of Concept stage, the deposit will be applied towards the overall project cost.