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The Dent Detection App boosts productivity by 400%, using Lidar and algorithms on iOS for precise vehicle damage assessment.

Quick Summary

Through the implementation of an iOS application utilizing Lidar depth imaging and advanced algorithmic capabilities, we significantly improved the ability to efficiently and accurately detect vehicle damage. The Dent Detection App led to an astonishing 400% increase in field force productivity.

The Problem

Fieldforce teams responsible for vehicle damage assessment were struggling with the time-consuming and error-prone manual process. The lack of accurate and rapid solutions exacerbated the inefficiencies and affected productivity.

The Solution

Our team developed a state-of-the-art iOS application that uses Lidar depth imaging and an extensive array of algorithms run natively on an iPhone 12 Pro. This app efficiently detects and analyzes various types of vehicle damage including dents, scratches, tears, glass damage, cracks, chips, tire bursts, and other accident-related damages. It not only measures the length and width of a dent but also accurately profiles its depth, comparing it with a non-dented state, within a tolerance of 1 cm.

The Outcomes

  • Enhanced detection capabilities for a vast range of vehicle damage ensuring comprehensive assessments.
  • Provided detailed damage metrics, including length, width, and depth measurements within a precision of 1 cm.
  • A tremendous 400% increase in field force productivity, streamlining the process of damage detection and assessment.

The Tech Stack

  • Python to run the detection algorithms.
  • SWIFT for iOS application development.
  • AWS for cloud-based data management.
  • Edge Computing to facilitate local data processing and storage.

Ready to Start?

If you’re ready to take advantage of these productivity enhancements, we’re here to get you started! We offer a limited risk engagement model, with a fully refundable deposit. If any critical issues arise, we guarantee a full refund. Once we move to the Proof of Concept stage, your initial deposit will be applied towards the total project cost.