Athlete Detection & Tracking

Person Recognition in Sports

Our Person Recognition system for athletics streamlines athlete identification in marathons, achieving 97% accuracy and doubling efficiency without the need for GPU support.

Quick Summary

By implementing a sophisticated Person Recognition system in sports, especially athletics, we were able to accurately detect and identify registered athletes from marathon video feeds. This led to enhanced efficiency and a significant increase in productivity.

The Problem

In athletics, particularly in marathon events, detecting and identifying athletes amidst a large participant pool is a daunting task. Manual identification is time-consuming and prone to errors, thus creating a need for an automated and reliable recognition system.

The Solution

To address this, our team developed a cutting-edge Person Recognition system. Operating on an i7 system without a GPU, this system uses advanced machine learning techniques to identify registered athletes from video feeds with a brilliant 97% accuracy at 7 frames per second. It accomplishes this by detecting and reading bib numbers and executing facial recognition. Once an athlete is detected, the system clips out a short video from the time the athlete enters the frame until the exit, giving a seamless view of each participant’s performance.

The Outcomes

  • 200% improvement in efficiency, significantly reducing the time and effort required for athlete detection and identification.
  • 97% accuracy in detecting registered athletes, thereby minimizing errors or confusion.
  • Streamlined access to individual athlete performance clips from entering to leaving the scene.

The Tech Stack

  • Python to establish data pipelines from the surveillance footage
  • Keras for processing the data, including person detection and tracking
  • Power BI dashboard for real-time data visualization
  • AWS facilitates data storage and model deployment

Ready to Start?

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