Precision Fleet Management

Our real-time monitoring solution enhances supply chain visibility in a sugar mill with 99% accuracy, leveraging video analytics for vehicle tracking and inventory management.

Quick Summary

We have implemented an advanced real-time monitoring solution that tracks valuable assets’ supply chain with an extraordinary 99% accuracy. The solution utilizes real-time video streams to monitor vehicle movements meticulously, revolutionizing inventory management in a sugar mill.

The Problem

A sugar mill was facing issues in tracking vehicle movements in and out of its premises, which was
impacting its supply chain logistics. Manual tracking of inventory movements was cumbersome, prone to error, and inefficient. The absence of a robust system was leading to inaccuracies, resulting in sub-optimal utilization of resources and loss in profits.

The Solution

Our team successfully crafted an innovative solution by integrating real-time video streaming with their existing infrastructure. This method accurately tracks vehicle movement in and out of the premises, providing valuable insights into their supply chain logistics while simultaneously enhancing security measures. Python and Keras were used for image processing and model training. AWS offered the needed cloud services, React was used for a user-friendly interface, and Power BI delivered insightful analytics.

The Outcomes

  • 99% accuracy in tracking vehicle movements, reducing errors drastically
  • Enhanced security with precise tracking of vehicle entries and exits
  • Improved inventory management due to automation
  • Cost reductions and better operational workflows from streamlined processes
  • $1.5M saved annually in logistics costs alone

The Tech Stack

  • Python for analyzing video streams
  • Keras for model building
  • React for creating internal web applications;
  • AWS SageMaker for model deployment
  • Power BI dashboards for analytics

Ready to Start?

Understanding the unpredictable nature of AI project outcomes, we initiate projects with a nominal, fully refundable deposit. In case of any significant technical challenge, we commit to refunding your deposit. However, if the project progresses to the Proof of Concept stage, the deposit will count towards the final project cost.