AI-Based solutions (10M App)

Rise360’s AI app in the Faith & Religion sector improved search results and expanded its user base using advanced technology.

Quick Summary

Rise360, an AI-based app in the Faith & Religion sector, leveraged advanced technologies to significantly enhance the search result capabilities for its users while also expanding its customer base.

The Problem

A key challenge for Rise360, a religious app with millions of users, was improving its search functionality, which was not providing relevant results to users. As a result, user satisfaction and engagement levels were waning.

The Solution

To counteract these issues, we implemented an AI-based solution that significantly improved the search functionality of the Rise360 app. By integrating machine learning algorithms, we enabled better understanding and processing of user queries, thereby enhancing the accuracy of search results. The system was developed using Python and Keras and deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The user interface was built using React.

The Outcomes

The incorporation of AI-based solutions led to impressive improvements in the Rise360 app:

  • Search results’ relevance and accuracy were improved by over 90%, leading to enhanced user satisfaction.
  • The user base saw an uptick of 10%, indicating increased engagement and appeal of the application.

The Tech Stack

Below are the key technologies utilized in improving the Rise360 app:

  • Python and Keras for developing the AI-based system.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for deploying the system.
  • React for building an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Ready to Start?

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