Product Review Analysis

Our advanced customer review analysis achieved 90% accuracy, enhancing insights for improved decision-making and satisfaction.

Quick Summary

Our expert team executed an advanced sentiment analysis, clustering, topic modeling, and summarization of customer reviews resulting in an impressive accuracy of over 90%. This has radically improved customer feedback comprehension, thereby enhancing decision-making and customer experience.

The Problem

Businesses often struggled to understand and derive meaningful insights from a plethora of customer reviews, leading to missed opportunities for improvements in their products or services, and hence, dissatisfied customers.

The Solution

Our team developed a solution leveraging advanced analytic techniques such as sentiment analysis, clustering, and topic modeling, coupled with a summarization approach to accurately understand and interpret customer reviews. The tech stack included Python and Keras for model development, AWS for model deployment, and React for user interface development.

The Outcomes

Post implementation, numerous tangible benefits were observed:

  • Accurate interpretation of customer sentimentwith an efficiency exceeding 90%.
  • Enhanced ability to categorize and summarize customer reviews helped in quicker and targeted decision making.
  • Improvements implemented from insights gathered resulted in higher customer satisfaction.

The Tech Stack

  • Python and Keras for model developmen
  • AWS for smooth model deploymen
  • React for a highly-responsive user interface

Ready to Start?

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