Process improvement using Deep learning

AI recommendation engines and web scraping fueled rapid growth in targeted marketing and sales for a conference solutions provider.

Quick Summary

Embracing deep learning technologies, we have developed an intelligent predictive model enabling systems to foretell the success or failure of their tasks and processes. This solution not only reduces resource wastage but also enhances process efficiency by 5-7%.

The Problem

Business Process Management (BPM) systems face a challenging problem: the success or failure of various tasks remains uncertain until the completion of the process. This peculiarity leads to significant resource allocation and time consumption, which may result in unnecessary losses if the process fails

The Solution

The designed solution is a predictive model that uses deep learning techniques to forecast the success or failure of a process. The model inputs a set of tasks or sub-tasks and extrapolates from their earlier performances to predict the likely outcome of the entire process. By knowing the expected result beforehand, the system can avoid probable process failures, leading to improved efficiency and resource conservation.

The Outcomes

Implementing the predictive model brought forth the following benefits:

  • Avoidance of process failures, leading to saved resources.
  • Completion times reduced due to pre-emptive awareness of process outcomes.
  • 5-7% improvement in overall process efficiency due to the elimination of unproductive tasks.
  • Increased confidence in process deployment, knowing the likely outcome in advance.

The Tech Stack

  • Deep learning models for prediction
  • Python for designing the predictive system
  • TensorFlow for deep learning model training.
  • AWS SageMaker for model deployment and management
  • Power BI for system process analytics.

Ready to Start?

Apprehensive about the uncertainties of AI project outcomes? Don’t fret! We have an engagement model that allows for a minimal, fully refundable deposit. If we face any critical issues, your deposit will be refunded. As the project progresses to the Proof of Concept stage, your deposit will be adjusted against the total project cost.