Predictive Marketing

AI recommendation engines and web scraping fueled rapid growth in targeted marketing and sales for a conference solutions provider.

Quick Summary

Leveraging AI-powered recommendation engines and web scraping solutions, the conference solutions company experienced exponential growth by targeting the right customers, enhancing their marketing efficiency and improving their sales conversion rates.

The Problem

The conference solutions provider, offering state-of-art web and hardware-based services, was looking for rapid expansion. However, their marketing tools and strategies were inadequate in achieving their targets. Their limited marketing team was struggling to identify both new and existing business customers who were expanding their infrastructure – and hence, might require the company’s products.

The Solution

An AI-driven recommendation engine using web-scraping solutions was implemented to optimize their marketing efforts. This AI engine could identify, evaluate, and notify the marketing team about potential clients who were expanding their infrastructure. It could also provide scores for potential selling opportunities, thereby allowing the marketing team to prioritize their efforts. The engine also identified and prepared a potential buyers list within the company’s operating area, ensuring a focused and specific approach to marketing.

The Outcomes

Post the implementation of AI-powered recommendation engine, significant improvements were recorded:

  • Enhanced outreach to the most relevant customers
  • Identification of high-potential deals
  • The ability of a limited marketing team to efficiently target the exact customer base
  • Decrease in non-responded marketing reports by 24% in the first quarter.

The Tech Stack

  • Python for building the web scraping and recommendation algorithms
  • TensorFlow & Keras for training predictive models
  • React for building the marketing team’s web interface
  • AWS for model deployment and scaling
  • Power BI dashboards for analyzing and tracking marketing performance.

Ready to Start?

We understand the uncertainties associated with AI project outcomes. Our engagement model is designed to mitigate this risk with only a minimal, fully refundable deposit. If we encounter any critical issues, we will refund your deposit. If the project advances to the Proof of Concept stage, we will apply the deposit towards the overall project cost.