LLM based Chatbot

LogiBot, our LLM-based chatbot, boosts CRM efficiency by 70%, swiftly handling queries and reducing customer wait times.

Quick Summary

Our LogiBot, an LLM-based Chatbot, enhances CRM by seamlessly understanding customer queries,
effectively managing FAQs, and thus, boosting help desk efficiency by over 70% while significantly reducing customer queues.

The Problem

Traditionally, customer relationship management (CRM) systems are overwhelmed with frequent, repetitive queries. This results in longer customer wait times and lower help desk efficiency. The
need for a system capable of handling customer inquiries quickly and accurately is evident.

The Solution

Enter LogiBot, an advanced CRM Chatbot leveraging Language Models like LLM and LangChain. By understanding and promptly responding to customers’ queries and FAQs, LogiBot helps to streamline CRM operations. Its automated system significantly reduces customer queues, making CRM more efficient and customer-friendly

The Outcomes

With the implementation of LogiBot, remarkable improvements were observed:

  • Help desk efficiency improved by over 70% due to the automatic handling of customer queries.
  • The Queue of waiting customers dropped significantly, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Customer queries were seamlessly handled, including FAQs, leading to satisfied and informed customers.

The Tech Stack

The technologies used in LogiBot include:

  • Python for backend programming
  • LLM and LangChain for building the natural language understanding.

Ready to Start?

We understand the uncertainties in CRM project outcomes. To mitigate risks, our model requires a minimal, fully refundable deposit. If we encounter any critical issues, we will refund your deposit. When the project advances to the Proof of Concept stage, the deposit will be applied toward the overall project cost.